Heat Shrink Sleeves(HSS) Polypropylene(PP)/Polyethylene(PE)

Polypropylene/Polyethylene Heat Shrink Sleeves are used on Girth weld as well as on 5D bends. Fully compatible with fully cured liquid coatings,3LPP,3LPE and FBE coatings.HSS provides excellent adhesion & superior corrosion protection for underground pipelines. Used for high/low temperature lines with design life of 30 years.

This combination provides protection with the structural integrity of an extruded coating,resulting excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment & durability against abrasion & chemical attack.

HSS installation is carried out by manufacturer trained & certified applicator under the supervision of NCC's NACE/BGAS approved Inspectors.

HSSPP Installation on Girth weld joints is installed by INDUCTION COIL & GENERATOR.